Play Without Limitations

The craftsmanship and renowned quality that goes into our rafts is now available in our wide range of Yacht Slides & Toys. Making SeaRaft the go-to supplier for your complete range of inflatables, and the perfect solution to matching platforms and toys.

Yacht Slides

SeaRaft Inflatable Yacht Slides are fully custom built to fit perfectly to your yacht. We offer various model options such as Yacht Slides with or without a leg support, straight or curved, long or short.

Yacht Toys

Our Yacht Toys can be customized to any size. Connect and combine our other Inflatable Yacht Toys, such as the SeaRaft Floating Trampolines and our Climbing Water Tower.

Ultimate Playground

With your imagination and SeaRaft’s Inflatables, you can transform your yacht into the ultimate playground.

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Sea Pools, Jet Ski Docks, and Leisure Platforms.


Discover our wide range of high quality accessories.

Custom Design

Customize to your satisfaction and quality!


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