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Customize To Your Satisfaction

We at Searaft pride ourselves that we design and build every platform specifically to our clients specification and requirements.

“You dream it, We build it”

The Inflatable Marina Solution

Expand your swim platform and deck area with SeaRaft’s inflatable modular structures offering valuable extra usable deck space to create an anti-marine life sea pool, to dock tenders, jet skis or just extend leisure possibilities.

The most cost effective deck extension a yacht owner can buy

Jet Ski docks

Docking Jet Skis to yachts can be a hazardous experience often resulting in damages to both jet skis and the yachts paint layer. Much better that they park safely into one of our Jet Ski Docks protecting both jet ski and yacht and providing a safe space to embark and disembark.

We have several standard designs and sizes to suit most requirements…. Or do you want something more specific and custom?


Our inflatable product range

Sea Pools

A Safe and comfortable way to enjoy your day swimming in the ocean.

Jet Ski Docks

A stable, safe and secure platform for visitor transfer and docking jet skis and tenders.


Extra Leisure space to relax at water level and solid surface Maintenance Rafts.


From Sea Pools to additional decking for sunbathing. We design for all needs.

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Made in Europe with state of the art technology.

About Us

Designed by leading industry professionals.


Have a look through our gallery showing our products.

Unique Features

Air Bumper

A patented solution using DWF in a unique curved setup makes a strong and secure ‘fender’ like product preventing rafts from drifting under the swim platform.

Air Sand Timer Connection System

A patented, flat toggle system that provides a seamless connection between the rafts.

One of the key features of our platforms is the Air Sand Timer Connection System, allows the inflatable platforms to be linked in multiple configurations. With a seamless connection, you will have peace of mind when you move throughout the platforms.

Superior Quality

The platforms are made from HEYtex double-wall fabric (DWF) the world’s leading manufacturer of technical textiles and is produced in an elaborate weaving process with a defined amount of distance threads (28.000/m2). In comparison to knitted products, this leads to a much stiffer material with better dimensional stability and is available in a variety of colors.

We are partnered with HEYtex Germany, to manufacture the most superior quality platforms on the market and we continue to run intensive laboratory testing, focusing on product quality, performance, and safety.



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