SeaRaft – When Quality Counts

SeaRaft manufactures customized inflatable platforms and rafts that are built for long life using the strongest marine materials available worldwide, specially designed, not just for durability, but for function and aesthetics. You are guaranteed satisfaction for the design style and specification as well as the quality, strength and durability above any class. SeaRaft products are yachting essentials you will enjoy for years to come.



SeaRaft products are

    • handmade in Europe by a team of specialists
    • constructed from the highest quality raw materials from Germany
    • REACh compliant

State Of The Art Technology

HEYtex Double Wall Fabric (DWF)

SeaRaft platforms are made from HEYtex® double-wall fabric (DWF) the world’s leading manufacturer of technical textiles and is produced in an elaborate weaving process with a defined amount of distance threads (28.000/m2). In comparison to knitted products, this leads to a much stiffer, lighter material with better dimensional stability.

We are partnered with HEYtex Germany, to manufacture the most superior quality platforms on the market worldwide and we continue to run intensive laboratory testing, focusing on product quality, performance, and safety.

Side Walls - Boat fabric

The Platforms side walls are made from HEYtex boat fabric ‘HEYboats’, a PVC specially developed for the boat building industry. HEYboats is extremely airtight material, durable with excellent UV and weather resistance. The side walls are attached to the DWF by our special construction techniques using a high-tech gluing process.

The Original Teak Deck

Our Original Teak Deck anti-skid gives a traditional and elegant teak effect. Because it is flexible material, our platforms can be folded as well as rolled for compact storage. This is a significant advantage when stowage space is always at a premium.

The surface profile of this material achieves its high non-skid quality. Resistant to salt water and UV-light it’s a long-lasting and hardwearing platform surface.

Water Ballast Bags

Water Ballast Bags fill up quickly with water to provide stability to the platform instantly. When not in use you can empty the bags rapidly by pulling the Ballast Bag Loops which tie away easily to the side wall.


Stainless Steel D-Rings / Soft Shackles

Reinforced with multi-layered seatbelt webbing, our heavy duty S/S 316L D–rings are designed with extra strong pads or if preferred soft shackles, ideal for secure tying the platform to the yacht, jet skis or other platforms. Multiple configurations possible to suit all requirements.

Soft Grip Carry-Handles

Each SeaRaft platform is equipped with strategically positioned strong Soft Grip Carry-Handles to ensure comfortable installation or repositioning any time in their inflated state.

Rubbing Protection Strake

Protect your yacht, platform, jet ski or tender with the Rubbing Protection Strake. Mounted in a single or double layer on the rafts side walls, the heavy duty Rubbing Strake ensures a prolonged use and protects against chafing and abrasion.

Air connector system

The patented Air Connection System, allows the inflatable platforms to be linked in multiple configurations. With a seamless connection, you will have peace of mind when you move between linked platforms.

Air Bumper

Air Bumbers are an optional patented solution using DWF in our unique curved construction making a strong and secure ‘fender’ like product which prevents rafts from drifting under the swim platform.


REACh Compliance

The materials are tested and approved according to the strict European safety and health regulations.  All components used are compliant with the European Community regulation on Chemicals – REACh no. 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

Quality Management

Our own factory is based in Europe and we comply to the strict European quality and safety norms that apply for every EU manufacturer. Our factory holds the Quality Management System ISO 9001 certificate and follows the European environmental rules with a strong focus on smart design, recycling and re-use of our materials.


What Our Clients Say

“We have two SeaRaft Platforms, one 12m we had custom-designed for our yacht ‘Insatiable’ for jet and tender docking and a small 4m one for sunbathing and maintenance. I don’t know what we would do without the extra space for sunbathing, swimming, paddle boarding and all our water toys, not to mention the safety of docking tenders, jet skis and the safety of visitor arrivals/departures. SeaRaft provides an invaluable safe extension we use every day.”

Marcel, Owner of Insatiable




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