SeaRaft is the leading manufacturer of customized Inflatable Marine Platforms

We at SeaRaft pride ourselves that we design and build every platform specifically to our clients specification and requirements.

SeaRaft is the only company that can custom-build high-quality inflatable solutions for the superyacht industry. Made in Germany, designed and fabricated all under one roof makes high quality possible and satisfaction guaranteed.

Customize To Your Satisfaction

We understand that all marine craft are personal to their owners, so it is important that a platform is constructed and customized according to specific use and the owners personal requirements, designed with both yacht crew and owners in mind.

Think of floating marinas that hold jet skis, Seabobs and other water toys, netted sea pools for swimming in safety or a fun space for sunbathing, all shaped to the yachts specific stern profile. From small sectional components to large custom platforms, we can make it yours.

The Way It Works

Everything starts with your personal design specification, and from there our design team work to bring it from a custom design to the sea incorporating the latest marine components available to ensure you are guaranteed use for years.

Building a searaft is a journey - when will yours start ?

Share your ideas with us and we will turn them into reality!
Focusing on taking your platform design to the ultimate level of individualized luxury.

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