Bringing made to measure luxury to water level

Individually Designed Additional Platform Space For Leisure, Tender and Jet Ski Docking

Each yacht is unique and we believe every platform should be too.

Our individual custom-built platforms are tailored to you and your yacht. We incorporate customised design features chosen by you and strive to remain similarly priced to standard off the shelf platforms.

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1st modfel big.png
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Standard Sizes

We have a wide range of standard sizes to use individually or in combination to serve a multitude of uses.

Jet Ski Docks

A stable, safe and secure platform for visitor transfer via jet skis and tenders.


Bespoke Designs

From sea pools to additional decking for sunbathing. We design for all needs.



Look at our platforms in action, used for fun, function or repairs and maintenance.

Where imagination meets innovation.
How we Create Our custom designs.

After your initial enquiry, we work together to determine the dimensions, specifications, design and shape for your custom platform so it’s exactly how you want and need it to be. View the design drawings below to get an idea of how we work from initial concept to finished product.

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